Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whirlygiggle top, finished

I decided to make part of the border a scrappy one.  I LOVE the result.  


Jules said...

Me TOO!!! That is amazing!! I love it!! *sigh* Talents I wish I had...

Anonymous said...

OH, wow! That looks incredible. Love that fabric combination. Good job!


Meredith said...

Turned out great! Someday I will learn to quilt.

Kimberly said...

That is so cute!!

Mommymita said...

That quilt's got energy - I love it!

To go along with it there are about 20 little girls who are whirling and giggling in their matching twirl skirts.

That fabric really filled the full measure of its creation! Great job!

By the way, are you going to be displaying any of them in county fairs this summer? You should

Marie' said...

You got me hooked with Chez Moi. The roses in three different colors were just so pretty. She really is a "Water Color Genius". I went on ebay to see if I could get more for the quilt backing, but the only person who has it wants $6.50 for a fat quarter. Too bad.

Whose fabric is the light blue that is NOT Heather Bailey? The one that has white flowers with red trim and orange flowers with red center. I usually don't forget fabric and it's name once I see it, but I don't recall this one. Alexander Henry?

I don't know what all I need to do to enter the fair, but I should check it out. I do want to enter something.

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Marie' said...



Mitzi said...

I love your whirly giggle quilt - love it! I googled to find a pattern for that with no result. Can you tell me where you got the pattern? Thanks.

Marie' said...

I printed mine out a long time ago from some quilting website. I spent quite a bit of time looking for it recently, so I could post the link on by blog, but with no success.

Here are the measurements if you want to make your own template.

5 7/8, and then 3 3/4 on one side and 2 5/8 on the other. Does this make sense?

When you cut your fabric out, make sure all the layers are facing the same way, or you will end up with some whirlygiggles facing the wrong way.

amandajean said...

wow, that quilt top is fabulous! it makes me want to make another one!