Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Petticoat on her

Here it is on Asha.

She wouldn't take it off, either.

Jerome's invention at Hi-Cap.  Proudly presenting the patent.  


カローラ said...



Allison said...

Gorgeous! Just the right amount of poof.

Marie' said...


twoplustwins said...

Marie, the petticoat is beautiful! I can see why Asha didn't want to take it off. tell Jerome congratulation!

Talmage said...

Oh my goodness! That petticoat is so sweet. I just love that she dancing like a ballerina in it. I bet she will get LOTS of use out of it. What a lucky girl.

Jerome is getting so big! What a bright boy!

Talmage said...

Ugh... these posts are from me, Danae, NOT Talmage. Although I'm sure he would think them just as lovely ;)

Meredith said...

It turned out awesome! Asha is one lucky girl!

Mommymita said...

It looks great! I actually think it looks better on taller girls.

Thanks for all your help and now it's on to the dresses.

Jerome- great invention! I think I would like to buy one.

Melissa said...

I wouldn't take it off either.