Saturday, March 7, 2009

Card Trick Quilt progress

I sewed two more blocks and cut fabric for 16 more.  That is a lot of triangles.  384 to be exact.   I learned that these blocks are called Card Trick.  There are many pictures of finished quilts using this.  Here is a tutorial, too.  (Thanks, lumiousquilts for the info!) 

Here is Asha with the camisole.  It is so cute on her.  I am looking around for fabric to make the dress version.  My Laura Ashley dress is in the running.    


jacquie said...

that's a bunch of triangles...thanks for the info about the block too!

jacquie said...

i'm such a dud...asha looks amazing!!! so cute.

Melissa said...

Could Asha be any more photogenic? Camisole is awesome and I can't believe you cut all those triangles.

カローラ said...


Mommymita said...

Asha is a great model! Which dress are you thinking of cutting up? Is it lawn or poplin? If it is a lawn then go for it -

I can't belive you have energy for all the triangles - good work!

Marie' said...


It is the navy blue one with little ecru flowers. Buttons all the way down the front. It is not a maternity dress, but i wore it when I was pregnant. I am afraid it is more like poplin. Do you think that is a bad idea?

Mommymita said...

My only concern about the poplin is if it is not drapey enough it will look like a maternity top. Feel the hand of it or practice draping the length of the top over a hanger or a chair. Sometimes when you have a shorter piece it doesn't hang the same as with the weight of extra fabric. So play with it first.

I also love style 24 in that book and what ever the one on page 50 is. Those would look great in a poplin.

Is Asha at all picky about what she wears? I'm afraid to make anything blue for the girls because they think it is for boys. I don't have much pink in purple in my stash though so I guess they'll just be naked this spring/summer, actually I'm not sure they even like any clothes - it is so hard to keep those girls fully dressed!

Marie' said...

She was five when she started letting me put her in clothes other than pink, red, or lavender. Give Maryanna a couple years. I wouldn't try wasting money or energy on other colors at this point. Asha had cute clothes that sat in her drawers untouched. I got tired of the power struggle.

I will send you some girly color fabric your way with the shirt fabric.

Mommymita said...

I take back what I said - it may work because I forgot you were making a dress. But I'd stick to lawn on the shirts.

I can't wait to see it!

Marie' said...

I might try another dress... There are so many cute patterns, and I don't feel like making the same thing again right now.

I went through all the boys' bins during the weekend. I found lots of cute clothes for Quinn up to 3T, thanks to my friend who gave all her boy's clothes to us last year. It was Kai who will need clothes. I traced some size 100 shorts from the spring/summer magazine. I should do some wardrobe planning like two on two off. Now that would be fun.

What I did today was to use your scrap fabric and make a quilt top. It is very cute. i will post it tomorrow.