Monday, February 14, 2011

Dress to top, almost a flop

I fell in love with this dress way back in 2009 when I got the October 2009 issue of Burda magazine. The effortless flow of the fabric paired with shiny patent heels and chunky belt. Slimming effect everywhere. What's not to like about that?

The construction is very basic.
But when I ignored the suggested fabric of "wide stretch jersey" and used the light satin poly (no stretch) from Jo-anns, it didn't look anything like what I had imagined. The Laura Ashly belt that my sister gave me or my favorite black patent heels were not able to save the look. It resembled a cheep kimono dress you buy for your kid's dress up box.

I was ready to throw it out, but then Scott suggested I turn it into a shirt. "Maybe it is just too much of that wild fabric." he said.

So here it is. What do you think? Still wild, but I think it is wearable now. I tried to cut the hem short enough so it didn't look like a maternity shirt. The skinnier belt in grey blends in better as well.

I am going to consider this a practice round, and make the dress with black rayon jersey just like Burda suggests.

Trailer Report - Eating supper

"Let's eat supper in the trailer!" one of the kids said excitedly, so we did. We tried the oven out for some simple cheese bunnies. It worked great.

We also tried out sleep arrangements. Jerome is too tall for this below, so we will have a bunk bed make to hang up above.

The dinette was a four seater originally, but we expanded it so all six of us could fit comfortably.