Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer, finally

The high is in the seventies, finally, and we are immersed in summer fun. Water park, pool, beach (Snake River), parks, sleepover, and a visit to the university creamery with cousins. Jerome and Asha have been working hard with house work and caring for the little boys to free up my time for such fun activities. It has been a blast.

I had never thought Kai and Quinn looked a like, until I saw this picture taken today.

Jerome, Asha, and Kai took swim lessons. It was Jerome and Asha's first time, and they loved it. Here is Kai with his instructor.

When an 11 year old has all afternoon to spend in the yard with his knife, this is what he comes up with. "Don't worry Mom. I only cut off the dead branches." he assures me.

Today was Jerome's 11th birthday. Since Scott is gone all week to Japan on business, we had the family celebration with Scott's side of the family last Sunday. Here he is with the big chocolate trifle I made.

Oops, wrong order. It took a while to light up all 11 candles.

I will try to take some pictures at the next water activity. I am usually busy chasing Quinn while making sure Kai is alive, so never remember to pull out the camera.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The reason I haven't been sewing was that...

I have been painting. There is no surface left of the old in the two kids' rooms. It took almost a month since my painting time was limited to nap time and late evenings. Kids taking turns getting sick didn't speed things up either.

The bed and side table came from Spokane via Craig's list, a great find.

This desk could also use a new coat of paint, but that has to wait for another Saturday.

I added a couple shelves for Asha's clothes and knick knacks.