Friday, June 27, 2008

Moving North

Not much progress in the creative department.  I did make a bib for my friend (forgot to take a picture) to give along with a gift card.  She liked it and asked me if I could make several more to match different outfits.  I am excited that I finally have a chance to do something for her.  She has given Kai and Quinn hundreds of dollors worth of nice boy clothes that her boy grew out of.  She is going to come and look through my fabric stash to choose what she wants for the bibs.  I am curious to see what she chooses because she has very good taste.  


Adrianne and I took the kids to the YMCA pool this morning.  We decided to go once a week until we move away.  The first picture is Hannah and Kai.  The next picture is of Grant and Quinn on the pool side.  They both love the water too.  Quinn was arching and diving full strength trying to touch the water!    


So, that leads to our recent news.  We are moving to Eastern Washington next month.  Scott is going to work for his family's company.  We are excited for the opportunity and the chance to live close to many family members.  We will miss Stu and Adrianne, and all our friends here.  Bye-bye sunny San Diego.       

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pink blindfold

What is a girl without her own eye mask in her purse?  That is what Asha thought when she saw  all the  blindfolds I made for the reunion.  I had no idea what she was going to do with it (I don't think she did either.), but made one anyway.  She was very happy and carefully tucked it into her purse. Once on the road to the reunion (15 hours each way), she wore it a lot whenever she was tired or felt car sick.  Now, I want to make one for myself.  


Here is a picture of Scott and the kids on Father's Day.  He is looking tired but happy to be home after the two day drive.      

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oven mitts and a pot holder for T

Hi!  I am back from the Campbell family reunion in Southern Idaho.  It was a blast being with Scott's family.  The kids loved having cousins wherever they turned.  There were 30 kids ranging from 1 month to 14.  I had plenty of time to catch up with Scott's mom, sisters and sisters-in-law.  Scott looked forward to the broom hockey match with the guys every night.    

One afternoon, we had a bridal shower forScott's sister, Tamsin, who is newly married.  The theme was "date night", so I made oven mitts and a pot holder.  Tamsin loves to cook for David, so I hope she will have fun using them.   I love the red and aqua together.  

I used a pattern from Denyse Schmidt QUILTS for the mitts.  The red fabrics came from this ebay store.  Thinner than the quilting store cotton and more like Joann's calico, but the patterns are very versatile and the red is nice and rich.  The aqua is Joel Dewberry.    

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boy Tote II

A patch work tote this time.  I got the inspiration from Ayumi's fabric basket.  She has a nice tutorial, too, if you are interested in making one like hers.  

This tote, along with four playmobil knight guys, is going to Max, my nephew in Hawaii.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blind folds

34 blind folds in all for the Campbell reunion.  "One size fits all" was the request from Julia, Scott's amazingly talented sister.  She will run the cousin camp again this year, and will be using these blind folds for some games.  No more tying towels around heads.  No more peeking through the falling bandanas.  Even Kai can put one of these on by him self.  

In order to keep the kids focused on the games (and not on racing for their favorite color blind fold), I kept the colors in the blue/green group.  Imagine if I mixed a few pinks in this batch.  Not so good from a family relations prospective.       

28 lucky kids, including our three, are going to participate in the cousin camp.  We are counting down the days.    

Monday, June 2, 2008

Star Quilt-along Week 6

We are almost at half point with this 13 week quilt along.  This week's block is called Aunt Addie's or Aunt Addie's Album.  

Some W.I.P. to share...  
30 blind folds for upcoming family reunion

and some fun gifts I will blog about more later.