Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oven mitts and a pot holder for T

Hi!  I am back from the Campbell family reunion in Southern Idaho.  It was a blast being with Scott's family.  The kids loved having cousins wherever they turned.  There were 30 kids ranging from 1 month to 14.  I had plenty of time to catch up with Scott's mom, sisters and sisters-in-law.  Scott looked forward to the broom hockey match with the guys every night.    

One afternoon, we had a bridal shower forScott's sister, Tamsin, who is newly married.  The theme was "date night", so I made oven mitts and a pot holder.  Tamsin loves to cook for David, so I hope she will have fun using them.   I love the red and aqua together.  

I used a pattern from Denyse Schmidt QUILTS for the mitts.  The red fabrics came from this ebay store.  Thinner than the quilting store cotton and more like Joann's calico, but the patterns are very versatile and the red is nice and rich.  The aqua is Joel Dewberry.    


Jacquie said...

Glad you had a good time! These are so great. Would you mind sharing what the fabrics are? I love them!

Marie' said...

Hi jacquie,
I added the fabric info on the blog.

alibop said...

Hey Marie - it was so fun to see you for a bit - next time we'll have to do some sewing. I'm glad you had fun.

Did you insulte the mitts with anything special? I bought some from Ikea ad I swear they don't work because I burn myself through the mitt. It would be nice to make some that actually work and looj cute too.

Marie' said...

Double layer of thin cotton batting and canvas on the inside of the mitts. They are pretty thick and stiff. I am hoping to make some for our kitchen. but I don't know what color. I want to change colors in my kitchen, though, but I don't know what I want to do next. It is burnt orange, mustard, and green right now.

Adrianne said...

so cute marie! i'm glad you're back and am expecting a phone call to tell me all about it... no hurries though, when life gets back to normal for you guys!

Tine said...

The mittens are so cute!

alibop said...


"It is burnt orange, mustard, and green right now."

Very descriptive - it reminds me of food all over the counters.

When clean my kitchen is light green and white. During the regular hours it is a "creamy spilled milk, juicy grape popsicle, and bright red tomatoe sauce"

I should make some mitts to match that!

Marie' said...

Thanks for the chat today! I can't wait to see how your bibs turn out.

I love them too.

Scott and I LOVE your kitchen. I love the color of the marble counter top. So pretty. The colors of the day in our kitchen... tomato red and strawberry jam pink. The sink is very clean though, because Kai played with water and dumped all the soap.

8Dixons said...

I think these are so beautiful! I have to admit, I feel a bit inadequate even looking at your sewing projects on your blog, because it's so far beyond what I'm working on (folding the laundry and negotiations between disagreeing kids, mostly), but after looking at the beautiful diaper case and bib we have from you, and now this set, you're starting to open a whole new world to me: I've never really looked at little things like fabrics fitting together this way. They're so pretty! Thank you!

Marie' said...

Thank you for dropping in and I appreciate your nice comment. I really enjoy the beauty of fabric and what the different combinations make. It is addictive!

Hiroko said...


Marie' said...