Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trailer - the finishing touches

Next week is spring break, and we decided to take our trailer to it's first outing. Destination, Seattle. We are going to show the kids our "first date" spots. It is cute that Jerome and Asha are interested in such things now. The Space Needle, ferry ride for night lights, Science Museum, Pike Place Market, and a walk around downtown are on our list. We also want to walk around the grounds of Seattle Temple so they can see where we got married.

Scott had two international business trips back to back, but now he is working full speed trying to put the last finishing touches to get the trailer ready.

Here you can see the new heater (warmer, quieter, and greener), and the window covering. We used several purse magnets to attach the covering to the window sill.

We have AC on the ceiling, more window covers, and the accordion door we made.

Here is a closer look at the accordion door. The original vinyl one had cardboard in each slots, so Scott salvaged a corrugated plastic door from work that was damaged during shipping, and cut it into skinny pieces to fit the slots. We also added frosted tint on the bathroom window for privacy, a movable mirror and some soap dispensers.

One more curtain to instal, and we will be ready to pack!