Monday, June 2, 2008

Star Quilt-along Week 6

We are almost at half point with this 13 week quilt along.  This week's block is called Aunt Addie's or Aunt Addie's Album.  

Some W.I.P. to share...  
30 blind folds for upcoming family reunion

and some fun gifts I will blog about more later.   


alibop said...

Hey- what are you doing with the blindfolds? They look fancy. Are they to get sleep or for a game?

Also I'm starting to get reallly jealous of your fabric collection. Do you keep going to the store or have you stock piled it?

Jacquie said...

Ok, yours looks perfect. I'm on my 3rd try. How is it I could do block 5 and this one is short every time?

Marie' said...

They are going to be used for games at "Cousin Camp". Scott's sister, Julia, runs the camp every morning and it is very fun and educational.

I do have a big stack of fabric. I will blog about it some day...

I am sure you have done it already, but you might want to measure the pieces again.