Saturday, May 31, 2008

Star Quilt-along Week 5

Here we are at the fifth star.  It took me awhile to get the courage to start because of all the little pieces, but it wasn't any harder than the other ones.  

I got a new Rowenta iron!  I can't tell you enough what a difference a good iron can make.  It is going to take some getting used to.  I still jump when I hear it shoot out it's powerful burst of steam. Bye-bye to the old iron that served us for 12 years.  

Scott and I perfected the artisan bread!

This guy is the reason I haven't been sewing much lately.  Teething (upper front teeth) and separation anxiety.  I now have serious biceps from logging the 22 pound chub around.  Hard to resist this smile, though.   


Adrianne said...

For the first year of Hannah's life, she would cry every time I used my Rowenta. The steam is a scarey thing... but a really, really good thing too! I'm glad that you found one!

Marie' said...

I am surely glad you told me to get a good iron.

This is totally unrelated, but check this out. Scott and Stu would be in heaven... or is Stu already cured?

Adrianne said...

i'm afraid that if stu saw this he might revert.

Jacquie said...

Did you know there are 28 triangles in this block? I counted and I think I am officially over my fear of triangles! I love your block. Colors are wonderful.

Marie' said...

That would not be good.

I am glad you counted AFTER I put the block together. It took me long enough to start.

alibop said...

Congratulations on the iron! Are you using distilled water? I have to use that here because the water is hard.

Good work on the bread too!

As for the teething - Clara's got it too 4 molars with a fever. The good thing is she is not interupting anything because i'm already holding a baby. Now I'm holding two! I'm getting so good at this holding baby thing that I just may try sewing with one - Just kidding I break too many needles.

BTW- I've got to talk to you sometime about mochi

Marie' said...

I have not been using distilled water. I know I should, but I keep forgetting to buy. I hope I will remember at the next grocery shopping trip.

I tried sewing with Quinn in the front pack before, but it didn't work because he kept reaching for the needle. If Henry is going to stay happily in the sling, I'd bet you can sew... but then you might get back and neck pain.

Poor Clara. Asha did the four molars at once thing... and she had hand foot and mouth too. She weaned herself from thumb sucking because of that, so it was worth the pain.

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Marie' said...


Allison said...

The bread looks delicious. You'll have to share the recipe and method of cooking it. I really love this quilt square. Good job working with all those little pieces!

Marie' said...

Thank you! I emailed you the bread recipe.