Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knit Peasant Shirt

My first ever knit sewing.  I had always avoided it because it seemed too hard to do it right, but thanks to the well written instructions in this book, I had a great time making this simple peasant shirt (view 8 in the book).  The side seams did get a little stretched, so I may use the white tape the book suggests you use.  I don't know what it is called in English though.     

I got the floral cotton knit from an online shop, The Fabric Fairy, and the solid cotton lycra from another shop, SewZanne's Fabric.  Check out all the Baby Lulu knits at The Fabric Fairy.  So pretty!  I had known Baby Lulu clothing, but I didn't know you could get their fabric.  Asha is border line too old for the clothes they offer, but I am wondering if I could still use their fabric and make it look more mature.  Their bright floral prints make me happy.  


Adrianne said...

Love the shirt! Is this what you were working on today on the phone? It really is darling...

Marie' said...

Thank you!
And, yes, I was finishing up the neck-line when I was talking to you.

alibop said...

It turned out so cute! I can't wait to start sewing again.

I think the white tape is just twill tape. You could also use a strip of the lengthwise grain of knit as long as it doesn't stretch in that direction. I too have problems using knits on my serger and getting just the right feed so it doesn't stretch or pucker. Sometimes I hold a finger behind the piling up fabric to try and control the speed of the feeding - it may help.

Your hem looks great though. Did you just do it on the sewing machine? Also what size did you end up using for Asha?

Marie' said...

Thank you for the tips. I will give them a try.

I did the hem on the machine. I thought it would be OK because the shirt is baggy and won't need to strech. I'll have to see how I do for tailored shirts, though. I should start saving for top-lock.

I used size 120. She is 116, and you can see that it will last into fall for sure. She wore it to school today and got lots of compliments. I am very pleased with the pattern.

Allison said...

This shirt is so cute. I really love the print.

Marie' said...

I love the fabric, too. It is one of those ones that go with anything. Asha can wear the shirt with denim, white, brown, or red.