Friday, April 25, 2008

Flag Banner

Here is what the triangles turned into.  A colorful banner for birthday parties, BBQ's, and pretty much any occasion where you want some pop of colors in your room.  We are not buying any more streamers, and maybe won't even need balloons any more.  Adrianne and her kids came over for another sewing/play day, and we worked all day.  We were just finishing up the two 10 yard banners when Scott and Stu came home from work.  

Quinn got two teeth!


twoplustwins said...

I love the idea Marie! A great way to decorate and use up fabric. It looks beautiful and festive!

Adrianne said...

You forgot to mention that Stu and Scott both thought we were making a huge order of bikinis!

They look awesome Marie! Thanks so much for the fun and busy day!

twoplustwins said...

Quinn is SO cute and chubby! I can't wait to see him.

Jules said...

Okay, Marie. You are TERRIFYINGLY amazing. Honestly. Flag banners for parties? I'm humbled. And a little jealous, but don't tell my kids since jealousy is an outlawed emotion around here.

Allison said...

The banner is so beautiful! It beats streamers and balloons any day.

Marie' said...

It was Adrianne's idea. I am such a last minute person when it comes to home birthday celebrations, but now I know that at least the room will look good without effort.

That was fun and crazy! Kai is taking a LONG nap today. Thank you for another great project! It is such a great feeling to know that I will never have to worry about birthday decorations again.

Don't tell anybody, but I will make one for you if you want *u*

Thank you!

alibop said...

That is so funny that the husbands thought they were bikinis - maybe they thought it was part of your sewing service project.

They sure turned out cute though. How did you tack them up? Will you just tape them if you hang them inside?

Jonathan said...

Quin is soooo cute. We've been thinking that Petey is getting pretty big and strong, but I don't think so anymore :-)

Marie' said...

For the picture, we just used clear tacks on the fence. In the room I will use a little nail on the corner wall. I left some bias tape at the end.

Quinn is a chub, and he can't wait to meet his cute cousin Peter.