Sunday, April 13, 2008


We, as a stake, got an assignment to help the military throw a baby shower for 40 pregnant ladies whose husbands are deployed and have no family around.  The stake is in charge of making gift baskets that consists of a quilt, receiving blankets, footed pj's, onesies,  bibs, socks, etc.  The military throws one of these showers every quarter, and this is the first time our stake is  going to be involved.  We are going to see lots of cute baby quilts and bibs this month.  I am going to have to call on some of my friends to help me sew up a few.  So exciting.  

Pictured are some bibs I made last year.  I liked them better than the rib neck towel kind I used to have.  Kai kept these ones on better because he couldn't take the snaps off, and now Quinn is wearing them when he eats his baby cereal.  Also pictured are baby blankets the RS sisters helped me tie at South Philadelphia branch.  The sisters talked about this enrichment meeting forever because most of them had never tied a quilt before.            


Jules said...

All your things are so gorgeous. Where do you find time to sew like this, though??

alibop said...

Great idea for a service project. I wish I was closer to lend you the use of the cool snap press.

Do you have waterproof or terry backing on your bibs? Or a pocket?

Marie' said...

I know it is not going to last, but I am going to keep at it as long as I can. Scott decided that BBQ is his hobby, Jerome and Asha will do jobs for a quarter, I have two easy callings, and the kids love our yard and the great weather. I also get a lot done while Scott works in the evenings and during his business trips. Sewing is the one thing I can let the mess go for, which says a lot for me:)

I used cotton jersey from my grey Laura Ashley dress. Waffle woven blankets from the consignment store do well too. I also like micro fiber kitchen towels from Costco for that. I have never tried waterproof material, although I have seen some very cute ones I want to use for Asha's lunch bag next year.
A pocket? Tell me more about it. Wouldn't food get trapped in it?

Allison said...

I love the bibs. I need some simple projects that won't frustrate me too badly, are these bibs complicated to make? Where did you get the pattern?

Marie' said...

Hi Allison,
I traced a bib I saw at Scott's parents' house. I think it was one Karine made for Gillian when Gillian was a baby. I just liked the shape. You can always trace the favorite one you have at home.

Here is a link to a tutorial with a downloadable pattern similar to mine.

Another link to a tutorial somebody put together that explains how I made my bibs. It is the easiest way to make bibs.

Pre-wash all your fabric and iron before cutting.
Iron after every step especially after turning it right side out.

Good luck and have fun with your bibs.

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