Monday, April 7, 2008

Tie Dye with my family

I am now back from my family's reunion in Hawaii.  It was like a dream, and the two weeks passed by too quickly.  Before the reunion, I was looking for an inspiration for matching reunion shirts.  When I saw Alison's tie-dye project on her blog, I was excited about the possibility, and knew that it was what I wanted to try.  I ran the idea by my mom.  She thought it would be even better if everybody made his/her own at the reunion.  

After putting the kids to bed one night, the grown-ups went to work and made shirts for their families.  We all got really into it.  It was so hard to wait overnight to see how they turned out.  My mom created the two favorites, which you can see in the third picture.  She used thread instead of rubber bands for the small circles.  It was so fun that everybody wished they could have made another one the next day.  We are already thinking about the next shirt we are going to make at the next reunion.  I got some requests for different colors from my brothers too.  
*All the shirts, dye, other chemicals, and tools were ordered from Dharma Trading.  Their shirts were thick and good quality.    


Jules said...

This is what Tom and I did right after we got married for both families. We did it with our culture class in Japan too! Good old Puruman Roungi. Funny...we got all our supplies from Dharuma too.

Marie' said...

I wish I was at that reunion, so I could have worn your t-shatsu. I am sure they were cute.

alibop said...

Isn't tie dying so much fun a bit addictive! I'm gearing up for this next summer batch and have been setting aside all the stained white clothes and collecting stained clothes from friends and siblings.

I will say tie dyes look better in warm Hawaii than snowy UT. I have to hide the kids shirts through the winter but its getting time to pull them out and now almost time to make some new ones!

I love your colors and designs! Your mom had a cool vision with hers and patience to pull it off. She and your sister may even start some sort of trend in Japan. I think I'll try her technique and I may even try Batik!

I'm glad you all had fun. One question .... Did Scott make one? I made two for Paul and he has only worn them once then put them in our DI pile.

Marie' said...

Hi Alison,
The middle one on the floor is Scott's. He is pretty happy with the outcome, but the colors could have been better. We needed mustard, brick red, and some kind of green.

My family is really excited to do it again next year. They were already talking about the techniques they want to try next. I don't know if I can wait that long.

I am looking forward to your batch!

twoplustwins said...

the shirts turned out so cute, I really liked the girls shirts! I will have to give it a try sometime...maybe after we move!

Marie' said...

I like the girl's shirts too. Let me know if you decide to do it. There were some tips I was glad my friend Alison told me before I did it, so I will pass them along. Good luck with the move. I am sure you are a pro by now.

Adrianne said...

i know everyone is commenting on the shirts.. but QUINN! he's a giant! so, so cute!

the shirts are cute too .. but quinn takes the cake!

Marie' said...

Thank you!
Everybody loved Quinn's smile and chubby cheeks. He cut his second tooth this morning.

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Marie' said...

開ももっぱら上の二人が作ったものをめちゃめちゃにする担当だから。自分も工作したくて "I want to do it too!" って言うんだけどなかなかできないよね。