Thursday, April 17, 2008

More bibs

Jerome's den leader had a baby girl yesterday.  We are very excited for her and her family.  Jerome has had a fantastic year at scouts.  I give full credit to her dedication.  She even made me want to be a scout leader some day.  I never thought that would happen.  

I sewed up a bib to match the diaper tote I had made earlier.  I love how it turned out, but I don't know if she would use it.  It would take some courage to put a off-white bib on a baby.  Oh well.  At least it is cute.   

While I was at it, I made another bib.  I used a linen  (trying out the trend) for the base, and added Joel Dewberry fabric that I patch-worked.  Again, probably not the best color choice because of the lightness, but I have to say I really like how the linen and patch work look together.  Joel's fabric is so pretty too.  He is coming up with another collection in May, and I can hardly wait.  I should mention here that the linen was harder to work with than the quilting fabric I am used to.  It is harder to iron and the coarseness made it difficult to create smooth curves.     


twoplustwins said...

I love the bibs, they are very beautiful. You do worry sometimes that people will use something like that but I always hope they will...I feel like they really like it then! But that is just me. I would love the pattern, if you would want to share.
Keep posting, I feel like I am living through you and your projects until I get settled again.

Marie' said...

I traced a bib I saw at the Campbell's house. I think it was one Karine made for Gillian when Gillian was a baby. If you like the shape I have, let me know your address, and I will trace it and mail it to you.

Here is a link to a tutorial with a downloadable pattern similar to mine.

I have seen ones with thin batting inside, but I just use thicker cotton jersey, waffle woven, or micro fiber kitchen towels from Costco for the back. No batting. Then "sew both layers right sides together and turn them over and top stitch" method.

Good luck with your move.

alibop said...

I like the linen - The colors turned out great together. You sure have a stash of cute fabrics

Marie' said...

I love the look of linen but I am learning that I need to be more patient with it. More pinning, I guess.