Monday, May 12, 2008

Star Quilt-Along Week 3

I had a memorable Mother's day.  I got spoiled with a gourmet breakfast in bed, complete with spare rib omelet, home made biscuit with honey butter, grape fruit, strawberries, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Jerome and Asha gave me cards and vases they had made.  At church the Primary sang a beautiful piece that warmed my heart.  Then I was one of the secret moms for sharing time in Primary.  We got to answer some questions and bare our testimonies into the microphone that was pulled out to the hall.  The children tried to guess who we were.  Asha and Jerome knew right away, although I thought I did a pretty good job at disguising my voice.  One of the questions was our favorite primary song, so the primary sang each of our songs when we went into the room.  Mine was "Did Jesus Really Live Again?".  It tuned out to be a very special time for me.  Scott made seafood ravioli from scratch for dinner using his new pasta maker.  It was delicious.  I love being the mom of our four cute kids, and I sure don't know how I deserved such a wonderful husband.

Here is my Week 3 star from the quilt-along.  I used a tutorial found here for the triangles instead of what Amandajean shows to keeping the diagonal seams from stretching.  I ironed it with sizing at the end.  I had read somewhere that you are only supposed to use dry iron for quilting.  But after seeing the "quilters only cotton" fabric (the background) look wrinkled in the last two blocks, I decided I don't care.  It looks much better now.                     


twoplustwins said...

Seafood ravioli? Spare rib omelet? Man, I kind of wish I was married to Scott. I wonder how Jerome and Asha knew it was you right away? Better not take up secret agent work.

alibop said...

Wow! that sounds like some good food. Maybe I should get Paul a pasta maker for father's day.

Jules said...

I am sending my children to read your blog. Break out the seafood ravioli. We had corned beef, but I had to share mother's day with Tim since it was his birthday too.

Marie' said...

Hi Nigel,
Come and stay with us again. I am sure Scott will make everything you want to eat. I don't know about breakfast in bed though. I think that is only for me.
The primary kids I used to teach also said they knew right away. Maybe it was my accent.

Pasta maker must be fun. We just got the basic kind, and Scott is cranking it away. Knowing you, I'd bet you will really get into it.
Scott got me an ice cream maker one year for mother's day. I didn't get it at first because I don't eat ice cream very often. But then he started producing really fresh and tasty ice cream. I loved it.

Marie' said...

I know. I love your brother very much.
Happy Birthday to Tim!

alibop said...

I just may put ice cream maker and pasta maker on my garage sale look out list. I did get a pressure cooker for my birthday but it hasn't gotten much use. Gillian posted to me about all the experience your family has with that. I'll email you for some details on that topic though

Marie' said...

I have never owned a pressure cooker, but my mom used to make yummy food in it.