Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More diaper totes and bibs

While Kai was at his friend's house and Quinn took a morning nap, I had a solid hour of uninterrupted sewing time.  It was heavenly.  

*I will note the fabric used just in case you are interested.  
light blue paisley - Freshcut, Heather Bailey
inside white stripe - Stu's old shirt (Don't laugh, Adrianne!)
blue with red and white stripe - Moda Roman Holiday, woven (very pretty)
inside red floral - Joann's
two prints on the bibs - Alexander Henry, bird seed and 2D zoo  

Please ignore the rating thing at the end.  It just popped up today, and I don't know how to erase it.   


twoplustwins said...

everything is so beautiful. It will be fun to get settled again and finally work on so projects. watching you motivates me to finish some of mine.

alibop said...

There is hope for me to get sewing again! I love the fabrics and curious about your new rating system.

Marie' said...

When I don't have anything to post, I just go dig out old projects to finish. I get a new post for half of the work. It is great!

I don't know what the rating was because now it is gone. It had a five star rating system like ebay.

Give yourself some time to recover. I will admit that I can't wait to see what you come up with using those new books.

Adrianne said...

How can I laugh at the bibs with Stu's shirt? I picked out the shirt in the first place AND have bibs made out of it too!

Everything is totally cute. I have to show you what I did with Hannah's old shirt and cords. Too bad Grant isn't a little girl!

Marie' said...

Did you make a bib? I can't wait to see.
I tried putting batting in this time because I ran out of girly back fabric that is thick enough. It is more work because you have to trim down the batting around the curves and hand stitch the opening, but I like them that way too. I will show you what I mean.

Stuart said...

I totally made some bibs -- almost done, but they sure are cute.

My Mom calls you "the miracle worker" because you have done what she was never able to do --- getting me interested in sewing. Now if someone would just get me interested in knitting and crocheting. BUT, that's never going to happen.

Can't wait to see the bibs with the batting. I have some cute fabric decals a friend of mine made and I'm going to put some on a few bibs too.

Adrianne said...

Stuart did not make the bibs. I did!

Marie' said...

That is funny. I was completely fooled at first by the comment. I pictured Stu in front of the sewing machine sewing the bibs you cut out and pinned. Mom Campbell did try to teach Scott how to sew, so it made sense too. But then the decals gave it away. I didn't think Stu would have friends that give him fabric decals. I love knitting and crocheting, too, but it is more time consuming. I am hoping to pick it up again once I don't have any little ones around.

I am excited to see your bibs!

Adrianne said...

Stu does know how to sew - well enough that he often hijacks my projects. I always tell him that I'm the project manager and can fire him whenever I want.

You never know with some of those engineer types though... they just might have some decals laying around.