Monday, May 19, 2008

A Tote for Kai, the birthday boy

Our little Kai turned three yesterday.  We had a little party on Saturday, and I think we did a good job at making it a special day for him.  

And then there is a picture of Quinn who rolls over everywhere.  He always starts on the quilt, but then surprises us by how far he gets.  

Asha got this cute tote for her first birthday from my friend Alison.  Asha has carried numerous little items in it around the house, to errands, and to church.  Now she takes snack to Kindergarten in it.  I love that Alison monogramed Asha's name on it. 

Kai had been wanting his own tote "just like Asha's", so this is what I came up with.  I still want to applique his name on it, but I want to show you how far I got.  I tried to make it boyish so it didn't look like a purse.  I got lots of inspiration for small totes from this Flickr group and can't wait to make more.  

When we went to pick up the fabric for it a while ago, Kai choose a bright blue Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.  I should have known better than to let a two year old choose fabric, but I thought it was a cute idea at the time.  I bought half a yard of it and came home.  Although I am a big fan of those cute engines, I just couldn't think of a way to make the fabric into a cute tote.  The colors are very bright primary colors, and I am just not used to the palate.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Until I know what to do, it will stay in the fabric bin out if sight from my boy.         


Jacquie said...

Glad I found your blog. Hope the party was fun. Sure looks like it! Love your quilt-a-long blocks. Nice choice of fabric!

Marie' said...

Thank you! I love your quilts too.

alibop said...

Hey your bag is much improved from the ones I made so long ago. It is totally boyish all full of trucks and cars.

A friend of ours from Spain gave us a Barca soccer "man purse" for the boys. All the men carry some sort of purse or bag there. William filled his with all sorts of stuff and would carry it around the house. I need to make something for Peter as he has a brown paper bag that he totes around the house full of his stuff. And James still wants a slueth bag.

As for the thomas fabric - the only thing I can think of is linning for the bag, bean bags, or Jammies. I know what you mean about having to stomach such a busy bright print. I tend to like things simple because there is enough chaos and clutter surronding all the kids stuff.

Marie' said...

Using the Thomas fabric for the lining of a bag is a great idea. I am going to try that.

My wrist is doing much better. Thanks for asking, and thank you for helping me out that day. I am really going to have to take care of my self so I can keep sewing.

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