Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pink blindfold

What is a girl without her own eye mask in her purse?  That is what Asha thought when she saw  all the  blindfolds I made for the reunion.  I had no idea what she was going to do with it (I don't think she did either.), but made one anyway.  She was very happy and carefully tucked it into her purse. Once on the road to the reunion (15 hours each way), she wore it a lot whenever she was tired or felt car sick.  Now, I want to make one for myself.  


Here is a picture of Scott and the kids on Father's Day.  He is looking tired but happy to be home after the two day drive.      


Jacquie said...

Such cute pictures of the kids and dad. I think the blindfold (aka beauty mask) is a great idea for all us girls.

twoplustwins said...

Very cute pictures! We had such a great time with you at the reunion! I love the masks, they turned out so cute.

Marie' said...

So true. A beauty mask and ear plugs would have greatly improved my quality of life in the car.

I am glad to hear that you got there safely. Start your blog once you get settled! I can't wait to see your wool bag.

8Dixons said...

My girls were so disappointed that they didn't get to use the beauty masks at the reunion. We're so glad you went through that 15 hour trip, we LOVED to see you. Caroline was so sad when Asha left, and has talked about her many times since. My dream car trip would be to recline in the back seat with a good book and ear plugs. We can all fantasize, right?
That last pic of Scott and the kids is really representative of the great dad I saw in Scott at the reunion. I learned a lot about good (calm, loving, positive, focused, firm, fun) parenting from watching you two at the reunion.

Marie' said...

Hi Cecily,
Our kids are lucky to have such a great father! Having been raised by good parents, I think it comes natural to him.
I get sick if I read, sew, knit, or do anything useful in the car. It is really too bad because I can think of many projects to do. Scott and I talk a lot, though, which I do enjoy.

Jules said...

I LOVE the blindfolds--maybe we should have let the kids each take home their own after all. I can think of many uses for them and (since it was you that made them) they are more a work of art than utilitarian.

Marie' said...

I am sure we will have great fun using them in future reunions... and even Deca picnics.

Hiroko said...


Marie' said...