Monday, March 23, 2009

Tackling a beast

Alison and I are doing a little easter dress sew-along.  Thank goodness for that because it is turning out to be quite a project.    

Before I talk about the beast, here is a selection of fabric I am auditioning for Asha's Easter dress.  None of it is enough to make a big puffy dress I am after, but I could make the top with white and the skirt with color.  They are all machine washable, and comes out of the dryer almost wrinkle free, a big plus. 

The white on the left is a medium weight cotton/lycra poplin from Vogue Fabric in IL.   
The blue is cotton with lovely needlework that Scott's mom gave me.  
The white on the right is a seersucker from a quilting shop in Kaua'i.  
The hot pink is cotton/poly.  Although it is not a traditional easter color, it is really growing on me.  I am tempted to run back to the store for more yardage so I can make a whole dress out of it.      

This is what my sewing area looks like right now.  The beast is on the ironing board, a HUGE petticoat for the easter dress.  Or, I should say it will become one hopefully soon.  I got all the pieces cut out and layers together into circles Saturday.  25 yards of gathering to be done, and then it will be attached to a tank top.  A big thank you to Scott's mom, who ran to the fabric store for me when I realized that I didn't have enough netting and lining.          
My mom's best friend sent me a box of Japanese noodles and sweets.      

Here is Kai enjoying Strawberry Pocky.  Yum!  


Mommymita said...

I've got too much to write so I'll call you but at least you have some great things to snack on to get you through all the sewing. I had to eat a whole bar of dark chocolate to get me through the first one.

Meredith said...

I can't wait to see how beautiful Asha's dress will be. I've been tackling my girl's dresses, hopefully I'll have them finished this week :)

twoplustwins said...

it all looks like so much fun. I bought fabric for the first time online for Eliza's easter dress. now I have to get it done. I am thinking more of a memorial day dress! Mom and dad C are coming soon and we are leaving for the smokey mountains so somethings gotta give. :o) I love the fabric and can't wait to see her dress when it is done.

カローラ said...



Marie' said...

I will call you once I get going. I am determined to finish the slip tonight.

Yay! you are sewing again. Are you making three dresses?

Where did you get the fabric from? I am always looking for good online sources fabric. Sounds like a fun trip coming up for you guys. Take lots of pics!


amandajean said...

good luck with that petticoat. it sounds like a whole lot of gathering! have fun with that. :)

Kimberly said...

OOh, it sounds fabulous! I can't wait to see the final product. Also, that Japanese candy looks yummy...I love anything sweet!

Anina said...

Hi Marie,
I saw your comment on my blog regarding your order. Please email me at custserv(at)twiddletails(dot)com. Thanks!