Sunday, March 9, 2008

Zakka Baby Quilt

Here is a small baby quilt my mom made for Quinn while she was here.  She used a pattern from the Zakka book.  I love her fabric choices, which she came up with from my stash.  She is such an artist.  I also like how small it is.  At 60cm x 80cm, it is just the right size for car seats and diaper changes.  It also folds up and fits nicely in my diaper bag.     

You can see the overall design in the first picture, and the true colors in the second.  Quinn makes this blanket look smaller than it is, but you have to remember that he is in the 95th percentile in height and weight, and at 4 months he weighs almost 20lbs.  


alibop said...

Absolutely love it! I should send you a picture of the one you made for our baby so you can post it also. They are so unique and I especially like the way you saved the writing from the selvage and added it to the design.

twoplustwins said...

The quilt is beautiful. I made small ones for the twins and they still use them. I like that small like that when they are little and they still love their blankets as they are older now. Quinn reminds me so much of Isaac when he was little. At about 4 months Isaac was also over 20lbs and we didn't know if we should turn his car seat around or not because he was so young yet so big. He couldn't even sit up with all his chub. Quinn is so cute!
love, Kim

Marie' said...

I would love a picture of it, even better if you can take one with your baby in it once he is here. Using the writing on the salvage was my mom's idea too. Did you see the little bag on Flicker made entirely with the salvage writing? I thought it was very cute.

Marie' said...

That is cute that Brett and Ben still like their small blanket. I hope Quinn likes his like that. I don't know what to do with the car seat either. Jerome was big and strong, but Quinn is more floppy. He has no desire to even roll over.

yurika said...

kore suggoku kawaiine!

Marie' said...

でしょ、でしょ。 ママセンスいいよね。

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kersten campbell said...

Marie, I love it! And also the cape towels. So neat!!

unevensideburns said...

Thank you for coming back to my blog!