Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lotus Brick Path Quilt

Amy Butler, a fabric designer and pattern maker from Ohio, is one of the reasons I got into quilting.  Her vibrant colors and perfect mix of vintage and contemporary designs will pull you right into her world of Midwestern Modern.  Here is a quilt and some pillows I made last year with her fabric from the Lotus collection.  Again, I copied what she suggested in her website. 

I also made a twirly skirt for Asha with the fabric from her Ginger Bliss line.   

*The skirt pattern is called "Redondo Sprial Flounce Skirt" from www.banberryplace.com.  I trimmed the bottom straight instead of leaving it scalloped.  I didn't put the frill pieces on either.         


cake-o said...


Marie' said...


alibop said...

I love the skirt! I like how you stitched down the seams. I need to make a new one for Maryanna this spring.

Champs de Ble Weeds said...

I love the blog! I will check often. I am envious of your sewing time. I will have to do something to squish some in. Thanks for inviting me.

kersten campbell said...

Marie! You are so amazingly talented. Those projects are beautiful! I wish I could do that! You are an artist.

Marie' said...

Thank you SO much for letting me know about the pattern! My mom is trying to make one for all her grand daughters.

You should make the skirt for Rosalie. I can see her twirling all over the house. You would need to buy leggings for her to wear under though.

How nice of you to say. I still can't forget the pink coat you made for Emily. I am still dreaming of making one for Asha... when we move back to a colder place... some day.