Saturday, March 1, 2008

In love, again

It was back when I spent the summer in Evanston, IL that my friend Alison told me to get my sewing machine serviced.  She told me it would perform better and last longer.  Since there was nothing wrong with my machine at the time, I didn't do anything... until last month when Kai got creative and inserted a few pins through the openings.  I found a dealer and took it in.  They didn't find any pins, but they sure did their thing.  The machine sounds, runs, and feels very different.  It is quieter, faster, and smoother now, and I am deeply in love with it again.

So pictured is what I finished this week, a baby blanket and a matching doll blanket.  It is a gift for Amy, my friend in Pittsburgh.  She had her fourth girl last October.  I am a little late on this one since I was busy having my own baby.  I tried free motion quilting with my darning foot for the first time.  It was a blast!  You can tell that the quilting on the doll blanket is on the rough side since I quilted that first.  I got the hang of it and the stipple on the baby blanket is looking better.  Most of the fabric used are of Robin Pandolph's.  I like her romantic designs and soft color palette.


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I thought I could be the first one to leave a comment husband beat me! Anyway, I love your baby blanket! I' excited to see your other projects!

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Jane Maynard said...

hi marie'! it was nice meeting you on sunday as well! (just saw your comment on my blog)...I'm curious what kind of sewing machine you have...I'm so happy you have this blog up, everything adrianne shows o me or describes to me of what you've done is always so beautiful!

Marie' said...

I have a 10 year old PFAFF 6122. I didn't know much about sewing machines back when I got it. We just walked into a sewing machine/vacuum repair shop and picked the best one we could afford.