Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As comfortable as a Mu'umu'u

I have been fighting the urge to start another quilt ever since I saw this one.  I love the Bento Box pattern and Kathy's fabric choices.   

I finally made a dress for Asha with pattern h from Girly Style Wardrobe.  The flow and easiness reminds me of the Mu'umu'u my Mom made for me when I was Asha's age.  (Do you still have that picture, Mom?  The one with Yu-kun in the stroller.  I would love to have a copy! )  This dress is going to be nice at the reunion.  Perfect for lounging around in after swimming. She will also get a lot of use when she wants to stay cool this summer.  

I also added a picture of the headband so you can see it close up.  I used the "kid-size" pattern.  
*Asha is 115 cm (46 in) tall, and I used size 120 pattern.  The fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's flea market fancy collection.  Her fabric is thinner than the typical quilting fabric and has more drape.    



Gillian said...

what a pretty dress and pretty girl! The pictures of mom-style bread make me hungry!

Ohhh...guess what...I just found stretch marks on my belly for the first time :( They weren't there yesterday but today the skin was hurting and I looked and they were there! Oh well...two more weeks!

alibop said...

I love the no-fail Japanese patterns. I can't believe what you can accomplish and still get ready for a trip! All the projects are turning out so great.

I am especially encouraged by Asha's thick and well groomed hair- maybe there will be hope for Maryanna.

I got up today quite a bit and may even get my hair done on Friday! I just may sneak to the fabric store to get some buttons and finish all projects I started earlier this month. You know I'm going to need a clean slate before all these new Japanese books come in.

alibop said...

One more thing- if you do get that old picture I think you should post it! I would love to see some of your mom's old creations.

Allison said...

Marie, you are an amazing seamstress. Everything you make looks so professional. Better than store bought! I love the quilts, Kai's shorts, and Asha's dress. The headbands are so cute too. I'm tempted to try and make a few for Jennabee even though I'm such a novice.

Marie' said...

I know about what you mean about the bread. I am not a big bread person, but I can eat a lot of Campbell bread with honey butter.
Wow, you only got one stretch mark, and you are almost finished. I am jealous. I have never even attempted to count. We are looking forward to the news!

I am so relieved to know you are doing better. Take it easy though. No more fainting.
I don't know how you traced all those patterns. This book surely packs a lot in a sheet. It was really hard to know which line to follow. I had to go back and re-trace a few times until I got it right.
My mom got Asha a Hello Kitty brush last year, and that was another turning point. She has been really diligent at keeping her hair nice.

Marie' said...

You are so sweet.
I can just see Jennabee's curls looking so cute with the headbands. You should definitely do it.