Thursday, March 6, 2008

W.I.P.- Little Bits Quilt

Last night after putting the kids to bed, I finished piecing the rest of the quilt top and the bottom.  I should have called it a night right there, but I thought I could baste it while I was at it.  I followed the tutorial in Amanda Jean's Crazy Mom Quilts (I love her quilting energy!) by... 

1)taping the back down on the floor
2)spreading the batting over it
3)taping the top down 
4)putting safety pins in all over to hold the quilt sandwich together  

But then, I realized that I should mark the quilt lines while the quilt was nice and flat.  I got Asha's white color pencil and went to work.  By the time I marked 85 lines that ran from the top to the bottom of the quilt, I was deep into zombie zone.  
I have started machine quilting it today.         


twoplustwins said...

Marie, the quilt just looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished project! Thanks again for you tips for my quilt. I am excited to see what I can find at Jo-Ann.
Love, Kim

alibop said...

I know the zombie feeling.... that is typically when I make my best and biggest mistakes but it looks like you pulled through - Great project!

Marie' said...

Good luck, and have fun at Jo-Ann.

I actually made one big mistake and spent some quality time with my seam ripper. 86 inches was a lot to undo.