Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shorts for our lean guy

Here is a pair of shorts for Kai I finished today.  The pattern is from Muki Kurai's Everyday Bottoms (pictured).  I used Scott's chinos from Japan that he never wore much (Thank you for the idea, Alison!), and they turned out really cute. I am happy that Kai will finally have shorts that stay on and are long enough.  At almost three, he can still fit into his 18-24 months shorts, but, off course, they are way too short.  I will try and post a picture of Kai with the shorts on later.  He is taking  a nice long nap, a rare thing now days.  Now that I have made a pair, I am ready to make a few more with contrasting colored thread like the book picture shows.  I am thinking thin denim, thin fine wale corduroy, and even a linen blend.               


alibop said...

Wow! They turned out great- even better than Gap. I like how your pockets have such perfect stitching. I think that comes from all your quilting experience.

I think it is funny how skinny Kai's waist is. I had the same issue with Peter.

You are starting to tempt me with another book but maybe instead we'll plan a visit and do some major tracing and sewing.

Marie' said...

Thank you! Any ideas for Scott's Brooks Brother's shirts? I have five now, but I am saving them for the right project. I don't know what yet. I could make the dress shirts from the New York style book, but my boys have enough shirts right now...

alibop said...

Does Quin need any church type outfits? They would be perfect for some of the patterns in the baby New York Style pattern book. I have used them for the kimono style tops and also for little girl bloomers.

It is a good thing Paul and Scott are both tall because we can get a lot of use out of their old shirts. Depending upon the style of fabric you could make a sun dress or some sort of swing shirt for Asha. Then you can even save the small scraps for a quilt. Don't forget to cut off all the buttons and save them as well. had a tutorial for how to make a men's shirt into a romper. They used the same collar and button openings. I could never do that because there is too huge a difference between Paul's neck and that of a baby. You could however finish the neckline with some sort of rib binding and keep the buttons then finish the finish the legs with the same knit binding. Just add some snaps for the crotch opening.

Of course it is only worth experimenting is Quin actaully needs clothes.

Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Marie' said...

Those are all great ideas. I think I will start with Kai's summer romper. An all cotton romper that is wrinkle free would be great to have for a baby. I am not so sure about using the existing collar, though. I also have a pattern for a kimono style little romper that I want to try.
I need to see if there is enough fabric for an Asha dress. Maybe if I get the bias tape from another fabric. Hmm...
I found this checked fabric in my fabric bin, which I cut out for another Kai shorts. Kai will be in style right along with the recent check love for boys bottoms.