Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lots of Campbell Bread

Last week I finally gave into Asha's persistent request for Campbell bread, the bread Scott grew up with.  It used to be our staple, but since we have Costco 10 minutes away where you can get two huge loaves of wheat bread for $3.50, we had gotten out of the habit of baking it.  I found our 10 quart mixer on the storage shelf in the the garage.  Scott and his Dad made it for me back when we lived in Pullman.  It is funny that getting the heavy mixer into the kitchen is the only hard part of this whole thing, and the rest is just fun.  We had 10 beautiful loaves in no time, and made ten more while we were at it.  The aroma in the house and the taste of hot bread with honey butter was heavenly.  We will see how long the 18 loaves in the freezer will last since that is all the kids have been wanting to eat.    
Here is Kai in the shorts.  I made them in size 100 which is about how tall he is, but I am afraid that they are too big.  I am happy to keep the length so he can wear them into fall, but I am going to have to adjust the width when I sew the other ones.             


alibop said...

The bread is amazing! I'm so jealous of your mixture. Our family has hit the point of a loaf of bread a day. Once I recover from the baby it will be time to perfect my bread.

Kai is so cute!

Marie' said...

I know... I am so spoiled. I love Scott's family.
Let me know when you are ready to try the Campbell bread. I will send you the recipe. In the meantime, ask your sisters to save the number 20 cans for you. I canned 30 some quarts of pears in pineapple juice one year, and save the cans from the juice for the bread.

cake-o said...

そして、かいくんのショーツかわいい。普段着のパターンってとても貴重だと思います!”クライ・ムキの子供のフォーマル服”の本先月購入したんですが、次は普段着がもっとあるEveryday Bottoms欲しいです。

Marie' said...

子供のフォーマル服から何か作ったら写真見せてね。私もその本持っているけれどまだ何も作ったこと無いのよ。Everyday Bottomsは断然おすすめ。女の子のものもかわいいよ。

Jules said...

?????? ?????
No, just kidding, it's really me. I'm glad to see ONE thing on your blog that I don't have to envy!! Seriously, you are a professional grade seamstress. Terrifying.

Marie' said...

Now that we are enjoying the yummy bread, I don't know why it took us so long to get back to it. I love it.