Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel, Wednesday and Thursday

A few more pictures from the trip...

Kai walking out of the Olive Garden in Eugene, OR.  Note all the stuff he is trying to leave with, including the mints in his mouth.  

Redwoods.  We walked the little trail behind the Paul Bunyan to admire all the trees, and then rode the gondola up to the top to enjoy the view out to the ocean.  It was the perfect way to enjoy nature without serious hiking.  The trail ended at the gift shop, of course, where they sold homemade fudge for $12.00/lb.  Worth trying if you ever go.  

Scott and I woke up on Thursday in Medford, OR, and decided to drive straight to Pullman.  Mapquest said 10 hours 19 minutes.  It sounded like a lot in one day, but we were getting impatient about house hunting.  We stopped at Barns and Noble in Eugene to get a book on CD for me and some books for the kids.  I also pulled out the dry roasted edamame (soy beans) from the back and had it ready for munching.  A few stops for meals, nursing and bathroom took longer than we thought, and it was past midnight when we got to Scott's parent's house.         



Mommymita said...

We loved Redwoods and may go back this year. Kai is funny too.

I'm curious what book did you listen to?

Glad you guys made it safely HOME! Wow it really will be your home now - we can't wait to visit.

Marie' said...

The book is "Don't Know Much About History" by Kenneth Davis. I loved it and so did Jerome and Scott. Even Asha was able to pick up some names from early American history. I need another long trip to finish it up. It is long.

Krustee said...

I love the redwoods but I don't know if I'll ever be willing to drive far enough so that my kids can see them. :) Next time I travel I am going to do the book on cd thing. What a great idea! Kai's picture is funny. I miss that kid!

Marie' said...

The drive IS a killer. I can't wait until my kids can drive, and I can sit back and do projects or take naps!