Friday, July 11, 2008

Girly bibs

Bibs for Pam's baby, my last project before packing the machine away.  She is due just a few days after we move out.  I can't believe I waited all this time and won't get to see the baby.  Pam promised she will email lots of pictures.  I will post some here if she lets me.  

Just in case you are interested, the fabric used are...

pic #1
dark pink - Amy Butler - Belle 
orange - Heather Ross, Lightning Bugs
pastels - Robin Pandalph, Wild Rose Farm 

pic #2

white - sheer sucker from a fabric store in Kauai

pink and purple - I think they are 30's repro, but I am not sure what line.  My mom picked them up in Utah.

pic #3

pattern on the left and paisley on the right - Heather Bailey, Fresh Cut

orange floral - Moda uptown

pic #4

pink wood pattern - Joel Dewberry, Aviary

floral on the left - fabric Alison brought home from Spain

bus - Heather Ross, Lightning bugs

pink and brown floral - Lecien, My Folklore

A diaper tote for Adrianne.

Fabric from Heather Bailey, Fresh Cut.  


Adrianne said...

Cute bibs as usual! My new diaper tote makes me so happy when I open up my purse. Even Stuart said it was cute... I love the change! Thanks again!

Are you sure you want to move away from me?

Marie' said...

Hi Adrianne,
I am glad you like the new tote... and... you can always move to Pullman and become our neighbor.

Adrianne said...

There is no reason to go back to Pullman when you can get Cougar Gold online.

See you at the pool tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for the diaper tote?