Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A bib and diaper tote

Scott's friend at work and his wife are expecting their first baby soon, a great excuse to sew!  I made another bib/diaper tote set.  I don't know what it is about sewing, but it is very calming and relaxing.  It sure helps with all the stress of moving.  I thought this one would be easy since we are going back to Scott's home town, where we will be surrounded by people we love.  Not quite so easy.  I tear up everyday when I think about all my girl friends and wonderful families we are going to leave behind.  I might have to leave my sewing machine out a bit longer... for therapy.   

Scott and brother Stu had daddy daughter camp out in our back yard.  We were away this year for the one our church put on, and now you can only find availability at camp grounds inland where it is just too hot for any fun.  Scott was a little disappointed, but decided our yard would be better than not doing it at all.  The two took all the kids to the high school fireworks and then slept in the tent with the girls.  I was expecting the adults to come back in the house for a movie or something once the girls were asleep, but they never did.  It turns out that Asha put them to sleep.  She told them to stop talking so she could go to sleep.  When they did, they couldn't stay awake any more.         


Stuart said...

Thanks for posting the pics from our 'campout.' Hannah and I had a blast, and as Scott said (before Asha shut us down) the whole thing was "actually more fun than I though it was going to be."

We are going to miss you guys.

Keiko said...


Adrianne said...

I think we are still in disbelief that you are actually leaving San Diego... SO SAD. The only consolation for us at this point is that my brother is moving back in September. I don't think Charlotte sews though.... she does like to get pedicures though. I can do that.

On a side note... Jeff wishes he could see Scott surf before you guys take off. He is curious to see how good he has gotten! Too bad you are just missing each other.

Mommymita said...

Hey- Marie' I'm glad you are finding some good sewing therapy.

I remember how sad I was to leave Philly. I even cried the first few weeks in charlotte. Then again I rember how sad Megan was when she moved from San Diego to Philly. So maybe San Diego is the perfect place to live.

Did you guys find a house yet?

Marie' said...

I am glad it was fun for you. You will have to come up to Pullman and camp with Scott while Adrianne and I work on projects.

敬子ちゃんのワードではそういうキャンプはある? 毎年ワードが計画してくれてfathers and sons とdaddy daughterのキャンプをするの。父親同士の交流もできていいみたい。

You are well on your way to become a great seamstress. I just know it.  Pretty soon you won't even need me. Don't give up on those bibs.

Nary and I were really sad, too, when you left Philly.

San Diego is a great place to live. Imagine no winter, one month of 90 in the summer, and room temperature for the rest of the year. Sunny and bright almost every day.

But then, I love all the places I have lived. There is always fun things to do and great people to meet.

No house yet, but a couple possibilities.