Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jerome turns 9

Jerome turned 9 this week.  We invited his best friend and his brother over for play time, followed by dinner and a cake.  Scott took them out to watch Wall-e afterwards as per Jerome's request.  They had a fun time.    

Although the birthday boy says he feels pretty much the same as when he was 8,  
we see a boy maturing every year.  We sure love you, Jerome!

We kick-started the moving process by taking down the playhouse in the yard.  Here is Kai taking the job very seriously.  


Quinn also helped me by organizing the cookbooks.  He started crawling last week, and now he gets into a whole lot more trouble.    


twoplustwins said...

Tell Jerome Happy Birthday from us! He is growing up so fast. The packing looks fun. I love watching kids help and they enjoy the responsibility. Good luck with the moving. You will have to post some video of Quinn crawling!

Marie' said...

Hi Kim,
I love the help I get from my kids. Jerome and Asha have just been terrific. Play time after work seems to be more enjoyable, too.

Mommymita said...

Happy Birthday Jerome! Your siblings sure are lucky to have you as a big brother and great example!

Marie'- you along with your kids must be a moving experts now. Good luck with it all! I always pack my sewing machine first that way I won't get too distracted by projects.

Marie' said...

Good tip. I still have a few projects... I should get them done and put the machine away.