Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gotta love PODS

We are in full swing with the move.  The first of the two PODS containers was delivered yesterday.  

We chose to use PODS for several reasons.  
1) We can take our time to load it up, which allows us to do most of it ourselves.
2)We don't have to drive the truck.
3)We can have the containers in storage until we find a house

Scott took the afternoon off and we started loading it up.  Jerome and Asha each had playdates at their friend's place, and then they put themselves to bed (We promised 15 minutes of computer time the following day in exchange for getting Kai ready for bed and reading to him.). We, well mostly Scott, filled the 8x8x16 container up completely by 9.  It felt really good to get that finished.  We worried if we were going to be able to fit everything in the two containers we had ordered, but we are confident that we will, after we saw what all went in.  

The second container is coming tomorrow.  That will be picked up on Saturday, and then we will be on our way after church on Sunday.    


The pictures show how the container was unloaded from the truck to our driveway.  The kids found it entertaining.  There is a motor by the far back post which moves the black frame that holds the container back and forth.  The motor also adjusts the length of each post, which moves the container up and down.   

Here is Quinn being so pleased with himself that he can stand up.  With all the boxes around the house, there are lots of fun places to pull himself up against.  He even climbed all the way up the stairs.  The only problem is that he doesn't know how to get back down yet.  He either falls backwards and hits the back of his head, or scrapes his forehead as he slides down.  Now Jerome and Asha rush up to sit behind him when they catch him standing, so they can assist him with a safe landing.       


Jacquie said...

This is such a great idea. Convenience in much better than the moving truck parked in front of your house loading it up all at once. Quinn is so cute! What a great phase!!!

Mommymita said...

I'm tired just looking at it. But it is a great idea.
You guys could publsh a book on how to move - or do an enrichment on it.

Quinn is growing up so quickly!

Sarah said...

Ok. So. I am here from the link on Design Mom and now I am addicted. You create such beautiful beautiful items! I'll be back for sure!

Marie' said...

I don't think we will ever move any other way... not that we want to move any time soon. The thought makes me sick.

You guys have also moved one too many times. My favorite one is when you moved with Paul's dad while Paul's mom watched the kids. Paul was out of town and I think you were pregnant too.

The book will say, "Try really hard not to marry a business man with lots of ambition." I hired maid service to clean the house after we leave. The carpet will be cleaned that afternoon too. I can't tell you how much it has helped my sanity knowing that I don't have to do that.

I am happy you like my creations. I really enjoy making them. And, thank you so much for commenting! I didn't even know Jane linked my blog until you told me.

Kimberly said...

Good luck with the move. The pod is a great idea. Following a moving truck is awful. Poor Devon had no radio and sat in silence, by himself, for 10 hours. I hope you are able to find a home, when you get there, and love your new place! Your baby is getting so big!

Melissa said...

PODS sound like such a good idea. You guys seem so orderly and efficient. We will have to look into that idea the next time we move. Those moving trucks are awful to drive. I can't believe this it is all happening so fast. Hopefully you will be very happy in your new life.

Mommymita said...

Marie' - you are right! I think I supressed that memory... it was 95 F hot, humid, with misquitos in Charlotte NC. Paul was in town but banking which means we saw him between the hours of 2 am and 7 am. - that is when they moved the washer and dryer.

I was not pregnant but Peter was just 4 months and I was so run down from the ordeal that I ended up with thrush (ouch!).

We moved it all back and forth in the mini van and I was so overwhelmed by it all I soon after chopped 6 inches off my hair......

Your hair looks so pretty now so hopefully you'll be able to cope with your move better than I did back in NC.

p.s. I just chopped another 4-5 inches off my hair - I'll post a pic soon for you.

Marie' said...

You guys loaded up the truck and drove ten hours the same day! I am sure Devon got a lot of meditating done, poor guy! Did he get really sleepy? I would.

Scott decided to drive his car, after he saw the used car selection up where we are going. I am going to drive the van and follow him. We will see how I do.
Any tips?

We really recommend PODS for long distant moves, especially if you don't have a place yet. Thank you so much for letting Asha and Jerome come to your place. They had a great time... and your cookies were yummy!

Wow! You are such a tough girl!
What is it about crazy lives and hair cuts? I was growing my bangs out, but gave up and cut it again this week. I couldn't stand the hair in my face while I packed. I love the modern look of my new bangs, but since the rest of me is so random, I am not looking so great.

Can't wait to see in short hair!