Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camping out

It is Saturday morning. The second PODS container left early, and we are camping out in this empty house. It is kind of fun and relaxing. We found a few things we forgot to put in the container, one of which was my closet drawers. But then I realized that we can set them in the back of the van and put all the kids' clothes in them. When we get to the hotel each night, I will just pull out a set of clothes for each kid, and we won't have to take everything in.
We were up until well past midnight on Friday, packing and loading up the "last little bit of random stuff". Stu was right when he said that the last bit accounts for 10% of your move. I didn't know if he meant 10% in amount of stuff or 10% in time, but I decided since that it is both. Getting curtains off the rods, taking shelves down from high walls, and taking the crib down in the wee hours did take a lot more time than we allotted. Finding the coat closet half full at 1:00am was not funny.

It is Sunday evening now. We are staying at the Residence Inn in Oxnard, northwest of L.A. Scott drove his car with Jerome and Kai, while I followed in the van with Asha and Quinn. The drive was easy. We had a light supper of veggies and yogurt, and the kids are now in bed.

Saying bye to people at church was sad. My friend, Kiersten made a bingo game for each kid with road signs and things they might see as we make our drive through California. She also gave me a gift card to Borders towards my next book purchase. Sarah, our baby sitter, gave Asha a neckless that has a jeweled up letter "A". Sister Pierce, our dentist and Jerome's former primary teacher, gave us a big set of wooden blocks because she saw how much our kids liked them when we were at her house for Thanksgiving. Swan, my visiting teaching companion of two and a half years, sat with me in the mother's room during Sunday school and then held Quinn during Relief Society one last time. I had to say bye to Pam and Melissa, the two beautiful friends I visit taught many times. Sister Griffin, our primary president, followed us to the car to tell us how much she appreciated Scott in senior primary and how much Jerome and Asha will be missed. And then there are Julene and Kristen, my faithful visiting teachers, who had been there for me through three moves, Kai's accident, and Quinn's birth. I will never forget the many dinners, treats, and gifts they brought, and the laughs and tears we shared. Scott and I feel we are better people because of the example and love of these people.

We are driving up to Monteray tomorrow, and then take the kids to the aquarium there on Tuesday.


9Dixons said...

Thanks for the update, and the move nostalgia. Isn't it just incredible how to Lord blesses us in our wards? How can the world be have so many wards full of wonderful people who bless our lives so much? It brought back a lot of memories of our own past wards to read your beautiful last day.

Tribe M said...

Kimberly just told me about your blog and I am so happy to have found it! I never really got to thank you for being a great visiting teacher those last few months before we moved. I appreciated everything that you did. I can't believe you are moving as I type! I'd love to stay in contact. You are amazingly talented with all of your sewn baby gifts. They are unbelievable! Where do you purchase that adorable fabric? Well I hope all goes well with the move and I hope to hear from you when things get settled for you!
Amanda Messervy

Melissa said...

Marie, you and your family are so precious. I will pray for your safe travels and happiness. You will be missed.

Mommymita said...

Sounds like you've planned some fun along the way with your move- that is one advantage of not having a dog.

Another thought- moving a lot has really increased our Christmas card list. It is great to make lots of new friends just sad when iy is time to leave them.

Adrianne said...

We miss you guys already... Hannah keeps saying over and over again... "I don't want my cousins to move to Pullman."

Marie' said...

It is so true. We have been very blessed wherever we have been.

You are so sweet. I am glad you came to my blog. Now we can keep in touch easier!
I get my fabric online. I know who makes what kind of fabric, so I don't have to see it.

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If you want to see it in person, Mormon Hand Craft has a pretty good selection. There is one in Deseret Book at University Mall.

Thank you. I have to go over to your blog and leave a comment on your funny post. Scott and I had a good laugh about your engagement. Pretty crazy!

You already had 250 on your Christmas list in Philly. How many do you have now? We will have 150 after this move.

I keep thinking about all the things we wanted to do together but never got around to. It makes me sad. I have change it and start thinking about what I got to do with you because there are many. We even had a baby together! Not that we planned it that way, but it was fun and special.

Kimberly said...

I can only imagine how difficult Sunday was. Wards like that are hard to come by! You and your family are so great! You find just as many friends, if not more, and be loved just as much, if not more! Have a safe journey! We can't wait to hear more about your adventures in your new place.

Marie' said...

You are so right. I felt so spoiled in PQ3. The older families just love you, and the younger families are so social and fun. Now I feel like I have to grow up and start giving.