Sunday, September 12, 2010

windows and dinette

It was a beautiful Saturday, and we made some progress on the trailer.

First off, all the windows got new screens.

The old paint got scrubbed off of the screen frame with Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover. We first applied the paint remover, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wiped the paint off with paper towel. It took a few tries to get the paint completely off. But then Scott tried scrubbing with the steel wool and the paint removal together, and it went quicker. Once all the paint was off, we polished it with steel wool. Here is how it looks against the newly painted wall.

Then we worked on the dinette. The tambour doors and frame got spray painted with Rust-Olium's Clean Metal Primer, Rust-Oleum's Ultra Cover Metallic Aluminum, and a coat of polyurethane.

Here is what it looks like assembled.

Scott cut ply wood to fit the curvature of the front, attached it to the frame, and now we have a dinette base.

We are now waiting for the shipment of the cork floor, sample fabric for the dinette, and birch contact paper for the cabinets. Randle, our counter top guy, is working on samples for the kitchen counter top and dinette table.

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Mommymita said...

This is turning out great! Can you get on a reality show? How about that plywood - have you found fabric yet ? Show more , show more!