Monday, September 20, 2010

overhead storage

Randall, the counter top guy finally showed up with samples Friday night. They looked very cool, but I forgot to take pictures. Asha has been our faithful photographer, and we don't get any pictures when she isn't around. We chose a dark grey concrete look for the kitchen and whiter concrete for the dinette. The ply wood will be covered with a thin layer of concrete. The surface will be textured, and then a durable clear coat will be applied. We will get a great look while the weight will be kept light. We are very excited.

The over head storage with tambour doors was the next project we worked on. Scott and Jerome worked on painting it with the same color as the walls. The tambour doors and the structure were missing from our trailer, so we bought the structure from the Airstream in seattle, and bought some light colored wood tambour online.

The side pieces got painted silver.

The tambour got painted in some cheerful colors.

This is how they turned out. It looks pretty in this picture, but we are having second thoughts about the stripe. It is busy and a bit too much in the small space. We decided to install it the way it is, and re-evaluate once everything else is in place.

Scott's parents, not pictured, and Karine and Bryan, in the picture below, stopped by to see our progress. It is always fun to show other people what we have been doing. Bryan and Karine have been fantastic supporters.

It is raining today, and Scott has found a leak in the front. We will have to work on repairing that.


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looks good!

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I like the yellow and good thing you found the leak!