Saturday, September 25, 2010

cork floor

The floor is in, and we love it! Scott got up at six this morning and started applying glue to the floor board and tiles. You are supposed to wait two hours to let the surface of the glue dry before installing. At eight Scott and I started installation with some help from Quinn. The glue feels dry, but when you put the tile down and pound on it with a big hammer all around, it sticks, really hard. The middle ones went on very quickly, after which we took some time cutting out the shaped pieces along the edge. There really is no fast way to do that, but to make a pattern piece with paper, trim it until it is exactly right, and then cut out the cork tiles using the pattern. After shaving a little more cork off here and there, you have a piece that fits beautifully.

This piece along the door frame was the hardest.

And these ones.

The cork pattern looks like this up close. Isn't it cool?

Here is the kitchen back splash installed. I wasn't sure if I liked the decorative pattern, but it sure hides finger prints. I polished the sleek side half way, until I realized that it will get dirty again when we install the counter top.


Tine said...

Oooooh wow!! This is looking wonderful!

adrianne said...

love the backsplash and the cork floors. good picks! it's looking great.

Mommymita said...

looks great! I'm curious about the care on the cork flooring..... would you ever put it in a home? am I crazy for asking

Marie' said...

Scott's sister has it in their kitchen, and they actually really like it. It is warm to the touch, so if you are a barefoot person like me, you would like it.

Trevor Mifsud said...

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