Wednesday, September 22, 2010

camper " extraction" trek

Bryan took these pictures and wrote the captions. The pictures are not in the correct order, but you'll get the idea.

The large cabinet in the dumpster at the campground in Redding CA- after we dumped it in there at 10 pm the night before ( unbeknown to all the other campers) except the one who was driving in late that night and saw us crossing the road the cabinet in hand- looking like "deer in the headlights" except hefting a cabinet.

We knew we would be successful when we stayed at the " winners" casino ( a real dump)

Mercury(Bryan and Karine's Sprinter) pulling Snowball 2- at the campground in Redding CA

Scott passing a corvette while pulling the camper- " boy you can travel fast with these light campers"

Scott's first time using the stove- making cinnamon rolls ( the stove runs a little hot)

Again, we are very thankful to Bryan for helping this all happen.

A little repost on the progress...
The fabric came today, but the upholsterer is too busy and can't get to recovering our couch bed and dinette until October. We have decided the colorful tambour doors had to go, so they are getting a new coat of paint in light grey. It looks much better for the space. The stainless sheet for the kitchen back splash should be here any time. The cork floor tiles got here on Monday, and they are in the process of being acclimatized.
Here is the camper we should have built. It even has a bath tub. Maybe next time. Thanks, Yu-kun.

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