Thursday, September 16, 2010

upholstry fabric

We got many fabric samples from KOVI fabrics. There is a couch we love in CB2 here and we ordered a lot of grey tones hoping to copy that.

The top three picks in the trailer against birch, and aluminum.

We think the middle one is the winner, but the left one does look closer to the CB2 couch.
The middle fabric looks like this up close.

Scott ended up taking the bathroom apart as well. He is planning to paint most of the surfaces with POR15 epoxy paint.

Next up... The counter top guy is coming with samples tonight. We asked him to make a poured concrete look and a glossy white look because we couldn't decide. We can't wait!
In the meantime, Scott has covered all the faux wood surfaces with birch contact paper, and they are ready to be installed.

Stay tuned!


adrianne said...

i love this project! i know you aren't asking for votes... but i like the fabric on the left the best - but the middle one is very cool. i'm just thinking long term, the left one may be better.

you need to change the title of your blog to something else with all these other projects going on!

Dawn W said...

You are amazing! Is this a trial and error project, or are you professionals? Because it sure seems like you are pro's, playing with your new toy in the backyard. I'm impressed!

Marie' said...

I stewed over it all day yesterday after I had made the online purchase. I finally called them to see if I could change the order after I read your comment this morning. It has already shipped, but they agreed to take it back if I send it back. We are going to wait to look at it in the trailer and make a decision. Thank you for speaking up! I appreciate your input.

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