Friday, September 17, 2010


Remember the closet?

It looks like this after the birch contact paper was applied. We got it from and was very happy with the quality. It made the closet look just like the birch furniture I have from IKEA.

Scott really did take the bathroom out.

The toilet pieces and the shower pan got two coats of POR15.

It was a little tricky to apply an even coat to it. The paint is very thin and it runs if there is any excess applied. The side of the toilet kept getting streaky marks. We are hoping the third coat will smooth the bumps out, but Scott is going to call the customer support in the meantime to see if we should sand it down and then rent a sprayer to apply the next coat.

The counter top guy isn't finished with the samples. No progress there. We are leaning more and more towards the poured concrete look, and can't wait to see what he comes up with. We will put the kitchen back in and make progress on the bathroom during the weekend, before the cork floor tiles come on Monday.


adrianne said...

my friend's husband in san diego redid their cabin with poured concrete countertops in the kitchen. it looked awesome! i don't know texturially (is that a word?) how that would feel, but it's not like this is a kitchen you would be in ALL the time. it could be fun. keep posting! i love it!

Mommymita said...

shiny toliet! I was laughing at the concern over the streak down it - it seems all of mine are "streaky"

Love the closet too. I'm impressed with your vision coming to life

Jules said...

Your restoration project has a soundtrack, you know. I heard the song last night at a David Wilcox concert.

It'll work on you, to make one thing right
1962 Austin Healy Sprite
Sand it down to steel, make it shine so bright
Makin' summer on a winter night

It'll work on you, all the rust you find,
That the welder made, leaving scars to grind
You can make it new if you take your time
Start with coarse and take it down to fine

And your heart goes through those changes
long before the job is through
And the part that's really strange is
It'll work on you.

This is going to get expensive, you know. But never mind. It's cheaper than therapy. I even get a little moment of my own enlightenment looking at those clean white surfaces and reading about all the different kinds of paint. You knew there was a reason for PPG, right? Life comes together.