Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oven Mitts

I got the sample mitts made for my class.  I picked fabric to match my kitchen, but then realized that I wouldn't be able to use them until the class is over in November.  Oh well.  Tamsin said she can bring hers to show, too, so I am hoping lots of people will sign up to come sew with me.   
The army green fabric is from Amy Butler's Belle.  The blue is from Walmart markdown.  I think it was $1/yard.  It is rougher and thicker than the quilting fabric, but I really like the pattern.  I am going to get more for a library bag if they still have it.   

This is what I had for lunch.  Spinach, fig, prosciutto, and fetta cheese salad.  Salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some olive oil, and it is just delicious.  Pretty filling for a salad, too.     

This is what Kai accomplished while I was sewing... a long line of cars on the ironing board.  "Are you going to blog about it?" he asked with a proud smile, so I couldn't help taking a picture.       


Kimberly said...

Is there anything you can't make? You should start listing your stuff on Etsy...people would buy those in a second!

Melissa said...

Seriously, I agree with Kimberly. We are running low on oven mitts, etc. here. I will buy something. I guess it's nice Kai lined all the little cars up on the table. I am always stepping on cars and trains in the morning darkness and injuring myself and breaking the toys.

adrianne said...

The oven mitts and pot holders look great... but I'm more impressed with the salad! :) Good combo, I'll have to try that one! Charlotte and Jeff have a fig tree at their new place....

Marie' said...

You are so nice.
I am dreaming of having my Etsy store some day, but it is so much more fun to sew things for my kids and for people I love.

We don't have swear words in Japan, but if we did, that is what my Mom would have used when she stepped on little cars and Lego pieces.

My mom is after me to plant a fig tree here, too. I wonder if it grows in Pullman.

Tine said...

I am very impressed with that long line of cars!! So neat :-)

Your oven-mitts are beautiful! I wish I could take your class!

Jacquie said...

i wish i could take the class too. that would be so much fun! tell kai that the cars are fab!

Marie' said...

Tine and Jacquie,
You ladies are so nice. There is nothing I could possibly teach you experienced seamstresses in the class, but it would be a dream to sew with you. I keep telling my husband that I need to go on a quilting camp with all my favorite ladies that quilt, where food is catered 24/7 and all I do is finish my projects.

カローラ said...


adrianne said...

I could do the catering if you do the sewing.

Mommymita said...

I loved the salad and have already told my sisters all about it.

As for the cars, maybe they could inspire you for a playful quilt or color combo- Kai cracks me up!

kersten campbell said...

You are so amazing. The quilt and the mitts are just gorgeous. Perfection. I want to be like you when I grow up. That salad looks delicious! The Zuccini chicken salad you made was SOOOO good!

Marie' said...


That is what we will do when you come to Pullman. I will finish your projects if you make meals for us. I am sure Asha will be happy to watch the kids, as always.

I do want to make some library totes, and a baby boy quilt. But primary colors are not my forte.

The salad is Adrianne's recipe. It tastes great with home made pizza.

amandajean said...

all the cars lined up on the ironing board is so adorable!!!