Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas quilt top, check

It wasn't all smooth sailing, but it is done!  I realized, half way through, that I didn't have enough of the light blue for sashing.  I jumped in the car with the little boys and went to the downtown fabric store for more.  Washing, drying, ironing, and cutting followed immediately, but only to find out that I got the wrong fabric.  Correct color, but wrong pattern.  That just killed my momentum and I was feeling all limp and discouraged when Scott came home for lunch.  He knows how important being creative is to me, and offered to watched the boys while I ran back to the store for the correct fabric.  I was back in no time, all pumped up again, and finished the top soon after.  Scott is such a supportive husband.  

A few more pictures of the house.  This time it is the kitchen.  Scott and I have always wanted a big eat-in kitchen, and that is what we got.  We have had houses with formal dining rooms, but we never ate there.  It always turned into a sewing/homework space.  

After an exciting playdate with his cousin, Kai was tired and fell asleep on the barstool.  You can see Quinn reaching for the cracker Kai is about to drop.    

The door by the dining table leads out to the side deck, which wraps around to the front.  


 If you can't find Scott in the house, you can find him in front of his grill.  I gave it to him one Christmas, and he says it was his favorite gift ever, closely followed by Flip which he got last year.   


Allison said...

Marie, you are so fast! It looks gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

I want one!! Where did you find the time to quilt while unpacking and getting settled? Also, your house is'm so happy for you guys!

twoplustwins said...

everything looks so beautiful! I am amazed at what you got done. The grill looks great also. It sounds exactly what Nigel would love...someday!

Melissa said...

Your quilt looks awesome! Way to go. Your kitchen is beautiful. I hope you will be very happy there. Sounds like you are. I can't believe Kai fell asleep on a barstool. These kids are so crative.

Mommymita said...

I love the ice blue with the red. You sure are lucky to have Scott so close by and supportive. I'm still impressed with the way he took over all 9 kids when we headed out.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.... another quilt or maybe some clothes for Asha? I hope to be sewing up to your speed once we accomplish this move and Henry sleeps through the night. Thanks for inspiring me! I also think you need to blog your fabric stash. That in its self is impressive and artisticly stored.

Marie' said...

Thank you!

Scott just went to help somebody move, and people called him a moving pro, one thing you don't want to be called.

I am sure Nigel would love it. We used to have another grill, and Scott always talked about what he would do to improve the design. And then one day we were walking around a kitchen supply store and found one that had all his ideas. It was so much fun because he felt like he got a custom made grill.

We are happy here, but ask me again in the middle of winter when I shovel the 250 foot driveway.

I want to sew the pleated skirt from your book, and also the pleated jumper from the everyday book we both have. I am thinking wool, tights and boots kind of look. If Asha does not like the feel of wool, what should I use? Chino?

gillian said...

Mari--amazing projects as usual. I am just getting used to being a stay-at-home mom. While I still just have just one child, I should be waaaaay more productive than I am! I'm inspired by your productivity. Also, I love that house! I spent quite a bit of time there when I was in high school. Erin & I used to do Jane Fonda workout videos in the basement.

Mommymita said...

My rule for kids (and for myself or anyone else caring for young kids) Machine washable! I like wool for coats still especially because they are lined and won't itch. For the jumper I'd say twill, chino, corduroy, something with a bit of weight and will hold the structure. Avoid cheap fabrics when doing this type of sewing because they will pill, wear out quickly and not wash well. Test the fabric before you buy by scratching your finger nail over the corner.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Lucky Asha

Tine said...

YAY! Your Christmas-quilttop is done! And it looks wonderful!
I love your kitchen, so light and large!!!

カローラ said...


Marie' said...

Yay, welcome to the club!
That is funny that you worked out in the basement. I did Buns of Steel there last week. It is a great room.

Thank you for the tip. You are right. Asha and dry clean would not go well. I think I have something I can use in my fabric bins.

The light is one of things we love about this house. There are big windows everywhere on the main floor. We have a long and cold winter with some snow, so hopefully the light will keep our spirits up.


Felicia said...

Fantastically beautiful :)

Marie' said...

Hi Felicia,
Thank you for dropping in!

Janene said...


I love your kitchen! Same lay out as mine in PA. I'm missing it bad! I hope you love cooking in it!

Marie' said...

I LOVE my kitchen, and I remember thinking some day I want a kitchen like yours when I was at your house.

Karen said...

Very nice Christmas quilt.