Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Canning Tomatoes

Scott's parents are in England for two weeks, and while they are gone, they are letting us harvest their amazing garden.  We have been eating fresh tomatoes, zucchinis, and back berries everyday.   

Today I put myself through a refresher course on canning, and bottled 14 quarts of tomatoes.  It was a lot of work and I was no good afterwards because I was just so tired.  I am wondering how I bottled 50 quarts of peaches and pears that one year when I was 8 months pregnant with Asha.  Jerome was two.  Am I just old now?  

Kai fell asleep, again.  We called for dinner and he didn't show up.  


Melissa said...

I've never canned stuff before which is weird because my grandma was so amazing with it. I want to learn someday. Kai is so cute with falling to sleep all over the house.

Mommymita said...

Looks good - I'm so jealous of all the great produce WA produces.

Don't worry about your efficiency - I too would be slowed down with distraction if I had such an amazing fabric stash :)

Then again, any canning with young kids is pretty amazing - so good work!

Joe said...

Kai is adorable.

adrianne said...

Hannah laughed so hard when she saw the picture of Kai sleeping on the ottoman. "Why is he sleeping on dare?" She really misses that boy!

You must be working him too hard with all your projects.

Tribe M said...

Is he asleep while semi-standing?! That is hilarious! I think I could do that some days! YOu probably could have after canning all day. I've never canned. I would love to learn one day. Looks good!

Kimberly said...

Cannin IS a lot of work! I'm super impressed! So, what are you canning next? Also, I have never had any child fall asleep like that. For some reason my kids have to be in their beds to sleep...I would love to have just one that falls asleep anywhere! That picture of Kai is just too cute!

Marie' said...

You will never need to can in San Diego. There is fresh and yummy produce all your round. I never did.

I think tomatoes is all I will get to this year. I am hoping I will be more organized next year for fruit. Tell me about the fabric stash. I decided that I won't buy fabric for a while. At last not until Christmas :)

Thanks. He is a funny boy.

My kids all did their own impersonation of Hannah when I read your comment to them.

Yes. Isn't that funny? You would love canning. If you have your own garden, it is a must. We are going to try a garden next year.

I didn't even get half of what you and Devon's mom got done. Some day I will try apricots.

jacquie said...

this is such a cute picture. my oldest used to fall asleep at the lunch table, usually in mid bite. he must be an active, busy little guy!

Marie' said...

Sleeping mid bite with food half in and half out. I love that picture.