Monday, September 29, 2008

fleece blankets

On Friday, Tamsin (Scott's sister) called and asked if I wanted to make humanitarian blankets together.  Karine (Scott's other sister) had taken Kai for the afternoon, and Jerome and Asha were going to ride the bus to join them, so I had the whole afternoon with just Quinn.  I jumped on the chance for some creative time with her.   We went to Joann's and took advantage of the 50% off fleece sale.  We chose a pattern for one side and solid for the other.  Their selection was a lot better than I remembered, and we had no problem coming up with cute combos.  Once we were back at our house, Dave (Tamsin's husband) and Scott with the kids joined us and helped tie the two sides together.  They turned out very, very cute.  Thank you, Tamsin, for a fun evening!    

Here is Asha with her teacher, Miss Degrogroio at back to school night.  Asha has loved all her teachers, and Miss Degrogroio is no exception.    

I was all sad to put away the cute summer tops Kai wore in the summer, and bummed that I didn't find very many long sleeve shirts from Jerome's bin... until I thought to buy some plain white long sleeve t-shirts for a layered look.  Old Navy had them for $5 a piece, and now Kai can keep wearing his cute polos and we are set for fall/winter.  I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.  


adrianne said...

Too funny about Kai's shirt dilemna. I just did the same thing with Grant --- except his are white long-sleeved onesies!

Marie' said...

Where did you get the onesies? I haven't found long sleeve plain white onesies that don't look like Gerber underwear.

adrianne said...

The Children's Place

I've also found them in sets at Old Navy and The Gap online.

Marie' said...

Thank you for the quick response. I will check Old Navy tomorrow. I did see the three pack online, but couldn't tell if they were like underwear or not.

Mommymita said...

Isn't fun to craft around with family

You've got to try some of those patterns out of the lockstitch kids book. They would fit Kai perfectly. You can use some old T's from you or scott for it

twoplustwins said...

looks like you are having a lot of fun. I am so glad you got to do that with Tamsin. I liked the idea about an undershirt. It will be a great solution for the kids and winter.

Marie' said...

You are right. I didn't think about sewing any shirts, but sewing up a long sleeve t-shirt would be a quick and easy project.

You can tell I haven't bought real winter clothing for my children in a while. Even though I got the solution for Kai's shirts, I still have to get winter coats, ski bibs, boots, etc. I just found a cute coat at Costco for Jerome for $23, but that is all the progress I have made.

Tamsin is so busy now. Being a newly wed with a full time job is bad enough. She is also in the RS presidency. This is the first time she and I got together since I got here besides going to football games together. I miss the good old days when things were more simple for the both of us.

Melissa said...

I love the layered look on Kai. That is an awesome idea. I can't imagine any teacher not loving Asha. She is so smart and such a cute talker. I miss you guys.

Marie' said...

Asha still talks about Nikki. She misses the visits we used to make to your place.

Trixie said...

Maire!!! I have been wondering how to get in touch with you, and here I find your site on Janene's blog!! I can't believe how big the kids are!! When you left Pittsburgh Kai was a little baby! If you hadn't identified Asha, I would have never known it was her, she is getting to big! email me,