Saturday, September 13, 2008


I lived in Pittsburgh before San Diego.  My church friends there just made an online recipe book.  I am having so much fun as I find names of some of my favorite people, and their yummy dishes.  It brings back many great memories.  My favorites are memories of Kai's birth and having a precious newborn at home.  I had lost a lot of blood from the c-section and was having a harder time bouncing back.  Nursing wasn't going very well yet.  My friends took turns and brought dinner every other day for two weeks.  I looked forward to the home cooked meals and the nice visit.  My mom enjoyed trying new food and she really liked the extra time she got to enjoy the baby.  Everything was delicious.  My friends were great cooks.  And now I have all the recipes.  Try Kelly's enchiladas.  I just made it again yesterday.  So good.        


twoplustwins said...

Marie, it is so fun to have that connections with your old ward and friends. We have a recipe blog from living in Seattle and I love checking it, getting ideas and reliving the great memories with some old friends.

Danae said...

What a fun surprise to hear from you. Thanks for writing me a note. I love your blog and seeing your children. You are SO talented. I love seeing all of your creations. I am very impressed and inspired. I want to learn to quilt! So you are in Seattle now? How do you like it? I hope all is well.
Take Care

Marie' said...

You know... Julia should just put all our recipes she collected online. And then she can print it into a book when she wants to.

Hi Danae,
We are on the other side of Washington State. 8 miles away from Moscow Idaho and 90 miles South of Spokane. We love living in a small town and being close to Scott's family.

Janene said...

Marie, I had not tried the enchiladas yet..but now it's on my to do list.
I have so enjoyed catching up with you guys. I love your sewing! Your amazing!

Keiko said...


Marie' said...

I love your blog. your insight and humor is a treat. Keep the stories coming.

JaneneとSherry GunnとKelly SmithとKelly Jacobsonは料理が上手だったからチェックしてみてね。お家もとっても素敵だったんだけど写真とかないのが残念。

Kimberly said...

What a great idea! Just thinking about enchiladas makes my mouth water. I miss authentic mexican food!

Melissa said...

Ok, I looked over and saw a recipe that said, "Cafe Rio." That caught my attention. I'm going to have to give it a try. Really cute picture of Asha and I'm guessing Kai (but they are SO LITTLE). Cute.

Marie' said...

It is funny, I miss Chipotle. I don't even know if it is authentic, but I wish I could go.

That is Kai. All my kids look like a little Japanee sumo when they are first born.

Meredith said...

This is Meredith from Pittsburgh (now in Boise)- I was excited to find your blog through Danae's and see all your awesome sewing projects. I got into sewing a few years ago. My sewing buddy moved away this summer and I have found new inspiration in your site :) Hope all is well with your family. P. S. I'll definetly try Kelly's enchiladas :)

Marie' said...

I am so excited to reconnect! I will look forward to seeing your sewing creations on your blog.