Friday, July 6, 2012

The cabinets are in!

This past week was mostly spent on electrical work, plumbing, and making of the drawer fronts.  We decided that Scott's time is better spent doing things he does well, and hired a pro to do the plumbing.  We are glad we did because plumbing for an addition turned out to be a bit complicated.  

Today Scott changed out all the old drawer fronts and made some special pieces to finish up everything that uses drawer slides.  I put pulls on all day long.  Here is a the wall side.  

The first piece Scott made is a pull out bottle holder for oils, vinegars, and anything else you want when you are cooking at the stove.  There are two of them, one on either side of the stove.

This is the island.  The two empty spaces you see are for the dishwasher, on the left, and the sink, on the right.

And the second piece Scott made is a pull out trash and recycle bin.  He followed a tutorial from this blog.  

Our life has been interesting now that we haven't had plumbing in the kitchen for a week.  Here is how we do dishes.      

Don't let this fun picture fool you.  The boys "helped" just once before the novelty wore off and they lost interest.  It's fine because I actually don't mind doing the dishes as long as I have Jerome and Asha's help.  Jerome fills up the two storage containers with water.  It takes him several trips to the bathroom sink with a big pot.  He does this happily whenever I call, "Jerome, get water from the well!" Jerome and I thought it was fun to pretend that we were pioneers, until we realized that we were silly for thinking that getting warm city water from a faucet fifteen feet away didn't really qualify as a pioneer experience.  But it is still fun.  We first tried to take the storage containers into the bathroom sink to fill, but then learned that we couldn't get the faucet out of it before loosing most of the water.  That made a big mess in the bathroom when a lot of that water ended up on the floor.  Jerome also dumps the dirty water into the toilet after I am finished, a big help.  Asha "unloads the dishwasher" by putting away all the dishes that I pile up in the basket.   I pulled the lower basket out of our dishwasher and put it on a bath towel so it wouldn't roll off of the countertop.

Scott is taking the rest of the week off of work, so we should have more things to show you soon.  Stay tuned!


maeg said...

Soooo exciting! It doesn't even look like the same house!!!

Lissaloo said...

Yay!! They look wonderful, I love the water from the well part.Your kiddos are awesome :)

Amy said...

It's looking SO good! I'm so glad Scott's been able to enjoy that skill he's mastered. :) Your kids are so fun! I can't wait to see more.

SuburbiaMom said...

Wow, like camping indoors! Everything is turning out so well! With all the time and labor you are putting in to your house--make sure you never move!!!