Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sheet rock

It has been a dusty week, but the result is exciting.  It is finally starting to look like a living space.

eat-in dining area

mud room
This used to be a laundry closet .  You can see where it used to end.    

Jerome's room

Asha's room

second floor alcove
This used to be Asha's room.  We tore the walls down and opened it up to be an upstairs living room.  

The sheet rock guys were covered in sweat and white powder when they were finished.  They left two sets of white foot prints down our driveway all the way to their truck.  What hard work they do!

There are a few new additions to the kitchen.

pot filler 

600 CFM range hood
Hopefully this powerful fan will be able to expel the smoke fast enough that the smoke alarm won't go off as much as it has "when Papa burns food".  I might even be able to fry spring rolls inside. 

Scott is in the process of painting some built-ins for the family office area.  I should be able to show it to you in a few days.  The counter top is scheduled to go in this Thursday, which means we will have plumbing back in the kitchen.  The kids have never been so excited to load the dish washer.


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Such excitement!!

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