Saturday, July 14, 2012

The face frames are in!

The face frames are in!  

We took the old wall cabinets and microwave off the wall.  We love how open and spacious it feels.

Last saturday we ripped out the tile with the help of Scott's brother Colin and nephew Seth.  It turned out to be a lot bigger job than we anticipated.  Scott and I stayed up until two to finish getting the 2500 square head screws out of the hardie board.  The screws wouldn't come out unless the grout was scraped out of the screw heads which made the process painful and long.  

Now we are working on getting the staples out of the sub floor.  Unlike the square head screws, these staples are fun to pull out.  Don't get me wrong.  It still is a process.  You stick a flat head screw driver by the staple, hammer it under the staple until the staple comes up a little, and then pull it out using fencing pliers.  But it is satisfying when the long staple comes out.  If only my back didn't hurt after a while.  I would be doing it all day.  Instead, we pay the kids 10 cents per staple.

This is not related to the reno, but here is a picture of what happens when you have two boys volunteer to make milk shakes for the first time.  Yes, they really were trying to put the whole box of ice cream in my blender.  

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Mommymita said...

It is turning out amazing! Face frames are really fancy

Good job designing and great job in the carpentry!