Monday, July 30, 2012

Sierra Silver Mine Tour

The next day we took a Silver Mining Tour.  We didn't expect much going in because the advertisement was modest(a small sign on the store front) compared to all the in-yor-face kind we are accustomed to, but were surprised at how informative and entertaining it was.  The 90 minute tour was enjoyed by the adults and kids alike, which is a rare and wonderful thing.

You get to ride this open trolly around town and up into the woods where the mine is.    

With jackets and helmets on, we are ready to enter the mine.

Lots of demonstration from a retired miner as we walked through the mine.  The local high school has a mining class and the students get their field education in this mine.  They helped stage the mine for the tour.  

I had no idea how tough the work was.  Dark, hot, humid, dirty, dangerous, and lonely because they each get paid by how far they can dig in a day.  I can't imagine doing it day in and day out.      

The tour ended after a stroll around the town Wallace, where we saw some historic buildings and cute old houses.

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