Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready to instal the rest of the cabinets

The sidings are up.

The workers spent this week taking out the inner wall. 
Scott started the electrical with the help of Marc Smith.   

Most of the cabinet parts are made and ready for installation.  Here are the cabinet boxes.     

And the drawer fronts.  You also see the IKEA drawer parts in their boxes.  

The five piece drawer fronts look amazing, don't they?  Scott has perfected the art.    

I am really impressed with Scott's ability and patience for learning new skills.  I know it has been a steep learning curve.  Pictured below is the first set of drawer fronts he had made.  The wood planks he got at the local store was slightly warped, so the drawers didn't line up straight.  The sanding job was not the best.  The inexpensive paint sprayer produced an unwanted orange peel effect.  

Despite the imperfections, Scott was so excited that he finished his first set of drawers.   He took a picture on his iPhone and showed it to Mark at work.   Mark used to be a cabinet maker and he had been giving Scott some advice.  He wasn't impressed.  He took one look at the tiny picture and asked Scott why they weren't straight.  

Now that Scott has better tools, more tricks under his sleeves, and a lot more patience for details and quality control, he thinks it is funny that he was so proud of those first drawers.    

Here is another one.  Scott spent the whole evening making these drawer fronts, just to find out that they were half an inch too short on both sides.  It wasn't funny.  Not at 11p.m.          

I am going to miss seeing these drawer fronts that have given me a smile every day.     


Amy said...

It's looking so good, Marie! The last time I saw it it was just the plywood! The windows look great, and I'm impressed even with the too-short drawers!

Lissaloo said...

Wow! It is looking great! I bet you are looking forward to having it all finished :)

Lissaloo said...
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