Friday, January 2, 2009

Ruthie gets a new dress

I made another dress while Rose Bowl was on.    

Scott's sister, Karine helped me fix a few sizing mistakes I made.  Thank goodness for experienced seamstresses.     


Asha says she "super-duper LOVES it".       



Allison said...

It's darling! I love the print you chose. It fits the look of the doll really well. Did you sew the dress flat this time?

Kiersten said...

So cute and bravo to you for doing it! My girls got Felicity and Elizabeth this year and we'll see if I even attempt on making dresses.

Marie' said...

Yes I did. I set the sleeves in before I finished the side seams. It was so much easier.

Tell me what your blog is again.

Meredith said...

The dress turned out darling. I love the fabric.

Mommymita said...

I wish I was up for sewing - I'm still cleaning up Christmas.

I also wish I had an 18" doll to sew for. I showed one to Maryanna and said "don't you want one of these cute dollies"? she said "no, I don't want my babies to grow up.... I want them to stay baby dolls"

What kind of placket are you doing? velcro? It turned out beautiful! save your notes because hopefully Maryanna will change her mind

Marie' said...

I cut the velcro I had on hand in half, lengthwise. It is about a quarter inch in width.

Asha was not interested in the doll until this year. Ruthie is nine in the book, and Asha is seven, so it makes sense. I am glad I waited until Asha was old enough to read the stories that go with the historic dolls. They are well written, enlightening, and make the dolls worth having.

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Marie' said...


Melissa said...

I admire so much that you are able to sew small little doll clothes. That must be so challenging.

Dawn said...

Marie - You are so inspirational. What a darling dress, and thanks for the tip on where to find old patterns!

Jana said...

You are amazing! Lindsey and I are excited to download the Kirsten patterns and try it out! The American Girl dolls and books are so wonderful. Thanks for the is exactly what we need!!

Janene said...

oh my gosh! Is there anything you can't do! It is beautiful!

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